Thanks to the fierce competition between online casinos all over the world, players are left with huge offers and advantages when they play online slots. Two of the most favorite advantages that these trusted casinos like offer to players are free games and different types of bonuses. By using both these advantages, you can win big and enjoy awesome games without spending a lot of money. This article will help you identify factors to look for when you choose free games and bonuses in online casino websites.

What are free games and why are they offered?

In simple words, free games are those that you can play without having to deposit any money to the casino. These games are also often called 'no deposit' games. Almost all online casinos including 911ashistory have a limited set of games that they offer for free to players. One main reason for offering free games is to entice the players to start accessing the website more. The more you play free games over the site, the more interested you will be to check out other paid games.

Another reason you are offered free games is to let you practice the games multiple times before you get ready to play slots for cash. By practicing with free games, you can improve your strategy and moves. Once you are better at a game, you will look forward to winning money on it. Online casinos keep changing their list of free games regularly. A game you played for free last month may not be available this month. Therefore, if you find a free game you like, do not wait to start playing it.

Are bonuses actually useful?

Bonuses are offers and benefits you get for playing a game on a particular online casino. There are so many types of bonuses you can get depending on whether you are a new or an existing player. The welcome bonus is a very common type of bonus you can avail when you register on any online casino for the first time. Free spin bonuses are also commonly offered in different stages of your gaming journey. High roller bonuses are for people who deposit high amounts at a time for playing.

Many of the bonuses offered come with wager terms attached. Wager terms are bidding terms and conditions that can include the need to deposit money in advance, bidding a specified minimum amount for availing the bonus or a deadline within which you should use the bonus. You should make an informed choice on whether or not to take up the bonus depending on the severity of the wager terms. When you pick lucrative bonuses with reasonable wager terms, you can use them to your advantage while playing slots.

How to identify free games with good bonuses?

Identifying free games that offer reasonably decent bonuses is a great feeling for players. Players get a real high when they spot lucrative bonuses offered for free games. There are a few factors to check out before you pick such games though. The first and the most important factor to look for is the license of the casino. All the reputed casinos are legally licensed in their own country and such legality will keep the processes of the casino more truthful and transparent. This is important to not get sucked into shams and shady casino offers.

The next thing you should check out is the software provider that has created the free game. Many online casinos offer lots of free games but most of them are boring and very dull to play. Some of them are also impossible to win. You are entitled to good games and great graphics even if you are not depositing money to play. Pick up free games created by top software creators. This way, you can enjoy playing the free games and make use of the reasonable bonuses you get too.


Strategize your game

Imagine you have picked up a great free game with bonus offers. You do not jump into playing right away. If you want to make good use of the free game and its bonuses, you should be devising a strategy beforehand. Strategies will help you stay grounded on your game plan and will also prevent you from taking unwanted risks. You can aim to practice different techniques with these free games to identify which one improves your odds of winning. Start betting money on paid games only after you are confident playing these free slots.